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I have always been an artist. I started out by taking photographs when a young child with a box camera on our Colorado ranch in the 60's. I wanted to capture the world so others could see the joy and wonder that I saw, and in my excitement, it didn't always happen that way. I have struggled to present my view of the world ever since, for over 40 years. I have mastered many types of photography and if you can name it, I have probably taken images of it, including events, real estate,portraits, scenery, architecture, street scenes, commercial products, weddings and much more. It was and is a constant quest to bring wonder to the eyes of the world. To my delight, I discovered Photoshop about 12 years ago and have been transforming my images (and images of others) into works of art that more closely reflected what I was experiencing. I endeavor to bring out the "essence-spirit-soul" of a piece for an emotional impact on the viewer. For me my art is constantly evolving, searching for new expressions, venues and methods. I hope always to be learning and changing to reflect the world and to bring to others the brighter side of it.



Tristan's Birds by Sharon Beth


Sunset in Flower Meadow by Sharon Beth


Glass on Glass by Sharon Beth


I'm Goin' Fishin by Sharon Beth


Crystal Cove Beach by Sharon Beth


Big Bear Lake Scenic by Sharon Beth


Big Bear Lake Storm by Sharon Beth


Sunflower by Sharon Beth


Utah Landscape by Sharon Beth


Infrared Barn by Sharon Beth


Succulent Blue on Green by Sharon Beth


Bottle Art by Sharon Beth


Wine x 4 by Sharon Beth


Hour of the Pearl by Sharon Beth


Wistful by Sharon Beth


Gardenia by Sharon Beth


Facing the Sun by Sharon Beth


Bees on a Flower by Sharon Beth


Garden Vegetables by Sharon Beth


Onions and Scallions by Sharon Beth


Basket of Vegetables by Sharon Beth


Garden Vegetables with Pellegrino by Sharon Beth


Pear Buddies by Sharon Beth